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Openwire - Websites + Online Applications

Openwire Pricing Explained


Account management - (price depends on the site complexity and client needs)

  • Dedicated person looking after your account
  • Periodic assesments of your website health and recommendations on the upgrades
  • Online billing account

Server Account - ($25/m for accounts with cPanel, $15/m for parked domains - with no cPanel)

  • cPanel account control panel (email forwarders and accounts, site stats, FTP file access)
  • Scheduled rolling backups
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tools (DIY)
  • Domain and DNS management
Domain registrations & renewals - ($25/year)
  • We'll make sure you domain doesn't expire and will timely renew it for you
  • To simplify billing you'll be charged one flat fee in the quarter in which the renewal is due

e-Commerce: IP & SSL - ($25/month)

  • SSL (Security Sockets Layer) is a criptographic protocol that provides security and data integrity for communications on the internet. If you have an e-shop, SSL is nesessary to protect your customers financial data.
  • Dedicated IP address is a numerical identification of  your website. It is required for SSL to work.

e-Commerce: Prepaid Online Transactions - ($0.85 per transaction)

  • If you're using direct payments on your website (i.e. e-shop, membership system, tickets purchase etc) you would need to prepurchase online transactions.

Hosting: Disk Space - (starting at $5/m per 100MB, see our hosting plans for more info)

  • Disk space is required to accommodate and hold all files that make your website including HTML files, graphics, scripts, and multi-media content
  • 100MB of disk space is the minimum you can purchase, if you need more - just let us know

Hosting: Bandwidth - ($5/m per 1000MB, see our hosting plans for more info)

  • Bandwidth is to the amount of data that transfers into and out of your web hosting account. data transfers can include visits to your website, emails sent out, newsletters, downloads from your website etc. The more popular your website is, the more bandwidth it will use.
  • 1000MB per month is the minimum you can purchase


Prepaid Support up to 3hrs per quarter at $88/hour+GST

  • Prepay up to 3hrs of our work at a 20% discount to our regular rate each quarter.
  • You can request any work to be done with these hours – code development, new features, designs, improvements, code upgrades, general support, help, training and so on.
  • The hours expire quarterly – they reset every quarter. For example using 3 hours in one month is fine.
  • Hours worked over and above these are billed at our normal rate of $110/hr+GST.
eNews pricing


If you send email campaigns frequently and on a regular basis, go with one of our monthly plans. We will bill you every quarter based on the total number of subscribers managed in your account.

Subscribers 0-1000 1001-2000 2001-5000 5001-10000 10001-25000 25001-50000
Sending Limit Unlimited
Price (per month) $15 $25 $40 $60 $120 $195

Learn more about Openwire eNews solution!

Introducing discounted tiered disk space and bandwidth pricing!

Are you using a lot of disk space or bandwidth?

You’ll be pleased to know that:

  • To save you money we’ve introduced tiered pricing to provide discounts on higher usage;
  • To prevent downtime from hitting usage limits, we will set all accounts (on our new server) to high or unlimited bandwidth and double the disk space that you’ve been allocated, but only charge for usage as per below. For example if you are paying for 100MB you can be sure that you actually have access to 200MB.