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Website Packages

We offer an extensive range of options so that everyone can find what they're looking for. If you feel that you don’t fall under any of the categories below or want something more specific, talk to us and we will try and make your vision a reality.


Entry Level Website

Do you want to tell the world about your business or organization?

*business card/brochure style website

You don't need to spend a small fortune to get your website up and running. As much as we'd love to take you through the journey of creating a customized website we realise that for some businesses this is not financially feasible. This is why we’ve created a cost effective template based solution that would still allow you to easily expand capabilities in the future should the need arise i.e. newsletter. It could be a general and flexible system such as Joomla, or a blog-style easy to use system such as WordPress. The use of professionally prepared templates and themes makes getting a great look within reach of your budget.

Price From: $699 setup and $39/month hosting.

Content Management System

Do you want to be able to manage content of your website anytime anywhere?

Ok, you may already have a simple website but what if you need to change something on it? Surely you can ask your web designer to do it for you, but if the changes happen regularly is this really the best business decision? This is where you should get a CMS - Content Management System that will allow you to edit your content and manage the website whenever you need it. CMS gives you the flexibility and full control over your website. Should you need to upload a new picture or an article, just log in and update the information. You can create new menu items, categories, articles and many more - and we'll teach how to do it professionally.

eCommerce - Online Transactions

Do you want to sell products/services online?

With our eCcommerce application your website will be generating revenue in no time!

You will be able to maintain your product database, create online specials and be accessible to your clients 24/7.

Custom Applications

Do you want people to communicate with you, learn about upcoming events or buy tickets?

Every business is unique and your website must be designed to achieve the specific goals that will move your organisation forward. In many cases it takes a lot of customization to achieve an effective website. But don’t worry – with an extensive range of components that we can add to your website you will get the best possible solution that will meet your business objectives.

Product Catalogue Database

Do you need an online catalogue?

According to the recent research by Nielsen-Online 58% of respondents would choose Internet as a preferred information source for their next purchase.

Our online catalogue system would allow you to display the entire range on your website and will not only save you hundreds of dollars you’d normally spend on print catalogues but will attract more and more customers to your store. Even better you can update the information in your catalogue as often as you wish which means your customers will have access to the latest and freshest products 24/7.

Membership Management

Do you want to keep your members connected and encourage new people to join your organization or become part of an online community?

Your members are your most valuable assets. A membership website helps you maintain and enhance relationships with your members, manage events and also safeguard valuable content in a password protected area of the site.

Our membership management system provides you with a simple, reliable and cost effective solution that includes comprehensive membership management, complete website content management, documents management, event management, newsletter tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Online Surveys

Do you want to know what consumers really think about your product or service?

Knowledge is everything and it’s extremely important to know what you clients think about your products and whether your members are satisfied with the organization. Whatever your goals – online survey will reach your target audience promptly and effectively saving you time and money that can be used on improving your business. Online surveying is more affordable that a phone or mail market research and what’s best it’s quick – the results can come back within hours!

Visit our Blog for tips on creating an effective online survey


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