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Content Management System

Do you want to be able to manage content of your website anytime anywhere?

You may already have a simple website but what if you need to change something on it? Surely you can ask your web designer to do it for you, but if the changes happen regularly is this really the best business decision? This is where you should get a CMS - Content Management System that will allow you to edit your content and manage the website whenever you need it. CMS gives you the flexibility and full control over your website. Should you need to upload a new picture or an article, just log in and update the information. You can create new menu items, categories, articles and many more - and we'll teach how to do it professionally.


What's In?

  • A complete and functional website with built in CMS website editor to add your own pages/images
  • Limited insertion of company branding and imagery into template
  • Upload of content into home page and 2 additional pages (you can load more yourself, or we can help you for $90 ph)
  • Site statistics recorded with Google Analytics
  • 20MB disk space, 500MB monthly bandwidth
  • 1 hour of training over the phone or in our office
  • Free ongoing help support
  • Free ongoing software upgrades and maintenance 

Additional options

  • Customized design of the website template such as significant changes to template structure, fonts, colours
  • Additional menus and information structure on top of those available in the site template options
  • Newsletter, Paypal Order Button, Data tables, and additional modules
  • Copywriting

Technology used:

Case Studies:


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